Well done Millie !!!

03 December 2016

The sun continues to beat down but no one is really complaining because this weather is not too hard to take, and the skiing is pretty jolly good as well! Andreas and I both skied up at the Fornet after our morning in Tignes yesterday and although it isn’t good everywhere we did manage to ‘sniff’ out some excellent snow. The ‘L’ is closed and after riding a chairlift above it where I could look down and check it out my team decided on an adventure and we had some great pitches on the top third before paying the price lower down, but to be fair it was only the last third that was tricky but we side-slopped that section without any problems. Bravo Penny and Tim for embracing the situation and dealing with the tough bits!

Unfortunately Jean twigged his knee yesterday and will be out for a week or two. What a bummer as he was skiing well and it was his first day!

Fab at the Gourmandine asked Derek, Paul, Andreas and I to pose at the bar for some filming. We sat there trying to look and act cool but I’m not too sure we pulled it off, but we did make the National news! Hopefully we looked cool enough and not like a bunch of dickheads!

Jean Marc and Olivier arrived this afternoon and will be in town for a few weeks and Pietro will be arriving in the next day or two. We’re just missing TJ but he’ll be out early January for about 4 weeks.

Millie had her Bramley Junior Golf Club Christmas Dinner and Awards Ceremony last night and she came home with a lovely trophy for the Most Improved Player. She had a great summer as she won the Ladies Championship (on handicap), won the Bramley Junior Open with her partner Jack, and she also represented Surrey Girls in an Inter-County match. Gill and Katie went to watch the presentation and Millie was totally shocked at winning the award. Bravo Millie!

The girls are out tonight with Ray to see the new Harry Potter film so Gill will be having a nice quiet relaxing evening at home. They are a handful so enjoy your quiet time Gill! And thanks John F for the football this afternoon, what a match! Stay tuned!

PS Tansy was up skiing with Ness and Victor this morning and they had a nice family ski this afternoon.

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