Happy Birthday Tansy!

05 December 2016

It was another wonderful day weather-wise and we all enjoyed extremely good skiing this morning. Andreas headed over to Tignes for a change of scenery and to have a look around on Derek, Paul and Peter’s last morning while Jean Marc and Olivier also headed to Tignes with their groups to ski off the Grande Motte.

As I had a new group of Adam, Tom and Robert I headed back to the Fornet where Andreas and I had such a brilliant day yesterday and enjoyed more of the same today. We then went exploring and were rewarded with a lovely stash of snow, but I won’t mention where! ( I even made sure the photos wouldn’t give it away as we’ll be needed it in the days to come!)

Thanks to Johnny Alpine for the footie yesterday followed by a fantastic steak dinner. Your regular diners Dave C and I salute you! I’d like to say a big hello to Millie’s school friend Connie who reads my blog almost every day, and a big happy birthday to Tansy!

Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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