Another cracking morning!

06 December 2016

Andreas and I had another excellent day and we started by climbing up into the Borsat West, where we skied some lovely snow with good ambience.( I can give that one away because it’s pretty much done now!) From there we moved on and found great snow for the rest of the morning and one slope you can probably work out through the photos. I’m still in ‘code mode’ as times are tough and I don’t want to give any of our stashes of good snow away as we’ve a few more days of beautiful weather ahead.

Jean Marc and Olivier went off with their teams for a day tour up to the Col du Montet, so they’ll have had a great day and will feel that they’ve earned their beer at the end of the day!

I made a boob with today’s photos so they are underneath yesterday’s. I think I have it worked out and should have it under control by tomorrow but time will tell? I’m experimenting with flickr but I need some coaching to be able to move the photos about and I’m not ready to make a switch quite yet.

I’m off to the gym and then to do some shopping as we have our annual Alpine meeting at my place tomorrow night and I need some supplies to whip up a meal for the boys. Stay tuned!

PS Pietro has arrived and is skiing with Fiona for five days. And I’m missing Katie’s gymnastics session tonight as I used to take her every Tuesday night. Have a great time Katie!

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