My oh my that was good!!!

07 December 2016

Conditions were just right today to ski something I haven’t skied in a long, long time in winter snow. The risk is 2/5 and has been for several days and Andreas and I both felt today was the day. I’ve skied this sector often in the spring, and with Millie and Katie a few times, but it’s been many years since my last trip in powder. Andreas and I were both travelling light so we teamed up for a stunning run with wonderful ambience and fantastic snow, and it was so good both Robert and Jamie wanted to ski it again. It was a no-brainer really so we circled back around for another ‘skin’ and soaked it all in again. Wow!

JM and Oli had a great day Fornet-way yesterday and today they were heading towards Tignes. Again we’re in ‘code-mode’ so that’s all I’ll say. And Pietro and Fiona were skinning and skiing up at the Fornet today.

I boobed again and couldn’t get that last two days of photos off the ‘Photos of the Day’ file so today’s are the last 13, starting after the icicle shot somewhere half-way down. I promise to be more organised tomorrow.

I’m having the boys over for our annual meeting and an easy supper afterwards. We’re trying to prepare our new website so it should be interesting. Stay tuned!

PS You might notice that Andreas is sporting our new uniform!

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