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08 December 2016

It was another absolutely fabulous morning skiing, and like yesterday one of the better days’s that we’ll have all season. We’ll have better snow at some stage but we won’t have such wonderful itineraries to ourselves like we have at the moment. I hooked up with Olivier and his team today and it was a real pleasure to ski with him again. It was just like old times and we all had a cracking good time! (See Photos of the Day, there are a few but I wanted everyone to feature)

Unfortunately Jamie hurt his knee half-way down our first decent but he managed to ski to the bottom. After his knee stiffening up during a bus ride he sensibly decided to stop and not take any chances. I haven’t heard back from him yet but fingers crossed that he hasn’t done too serious of damage! Speaking of knees, Andreas twigged his knee last week (not skiing) and took the day off today to let it settle down. Good luck Andreas!

We had a team meeting at my house last night followed by dinner and it was a brilliant evening. There were no arguments as we are trying to build a new website and we were only missing Chris and TJ.

The latest rumour is for the sun to shine until December 27th, but that seems a long way off to be making predictions like that. Anyway, all we can do is take it one day at a time and make the best of it. Stay tuned!

PS Chris skyped to say that it’s difficult to find the ‘Photos of the Day’ file. On my computer the file comes up quite easily but on Chris’ computer he needs to sift through Canada, India, Spain, Out of Season, and various other files, which is a pain. I’m really struggling with the files and no longer have any control over them so please excuse what looks like a totally mess! I bummed about it because Picasa had worked beautifully for years and was so easy manage my photos and files. Fingers crossed that I find a solution!

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