Brilliant but one day at a time!

09 December 2016

They opened the Signal poma yesterday, which is a bit of a bummer because much of what we’ve been skiing with a short ‘skin’ is now accessible to anyone with a lift pass. We’ve had a wonderful run at the Fornet over the past week but it will now get skied out quite quickly although we’ll still have a day or two before we need to look elsewhere. Doug has arrived and it was his first day skiing with Alpine this season and he kicked his winter off with a belter as we had four fantastic runs. Jean Marc and Olivier were also in the neighbourhood and their team’s have had a brilliant week with a nice mix of touring and easily accessed skiing.

Andreas is on piste for a few days and hopefully his knee will settle down while Thomas starts next week with the Ski Club, and Chris and Suzanne arrive on Sunday. Jamie skied gently on-piste yesterday afternoon and didn’t think his knee was too badly injured, but I haven’t yet had a report today. Fingers crossed! And hopefully Jean will be back in action sooner than later. He’s joined the gym and has been strengthening his knee with daily sessions for the past week.

I’ve mixed today’s photos in with yesterday so that Oli’s team has a chance to see them before they are forever delated.

Thanks to Tilly and Catherine who hosted a brilliant evening last night with drinks and lovely food. It was well attended by JM and Oli’s touring faithful, who are a bunch of great characters, and it was a cracking gathering!

PS Thankfully Jamie’s knee is fine and it was Pietro’s last day with Fiona today.

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