Welcome back Quentin!

10 December 2016

We had a very adventurous time this morning and it was cracking good fun. I had the pleasure of Pietro skiing with me along with Doug, Robert, Tilly and Quentin on his first day of the season. After a fantastic first run up at the Fornet (code-mode) we headed back to the sun and because the Manchet chair opened today we skied the Cugnai. It was excellent for the most part and became increasingly more interesting as we approached the bottom where we needed to deal with some pretty impressive avalanche debris. We then skied a wonderful run on the Marmottes-side of the Manchet (out of code-mode because the opening of the chair has exposed my stash) and then circled around to do another. At this stage I’d skied down followed by Tilly and Robert and after about 30-turns or so I turned right and started the traverse back above the couloirs towards the Solaise piste. Quentin missed the cut-out and continued on with Pietro calling him from behind. Anyway, we became separated and Pietro guided Quentin and Doug back to civilization. It was a brilliant morning and it was nice to have Pietro along again.

The races went well although I have no idea who won. Pietro and I need to get to the gym before the racers show up as they took over the place yesterday. With bodies everywhere we just got on a cardio machine and watched these guys working out, which was pretty entertaining as they have come up with some very funky exercises, and you can see their competitive spirit even when they’re working out! Because of the races the buses were full this morning so I had to walk to the Gourmandine and arrived just in time for a quick coffee. I’ll leave earlier tomorrow as it will be the same with the Slalom race.

The skiing is still great but with more lifts opening in the past two days some of our stashed have taken a hit. There is still some easy-to-get-to skiing left but it will be walkies-time soon. Stay tuned!

PS The photos of the day are at the bottom starting with a photo of the race course. I’ve left them for another day so that Tilly can see them when she gets home.

PPS I forgot to mention that because of what happened to Michael Rosen all those years ago I ‘skinned’ back up to the junction where I figured it all went wrong. I wasn’t worried about them getting down because Pietro was there but I needed to cover the possibility of someone being injured. It was steep and long enough to get me off the cardio at the gym! Thanks Pietro.

PPPS Thomas started his season today with the Ski Club and is working alongside Olivier, while JM was touring today and Andreas was entertaining his lovely Thai clients. Chris and Suzanne arrive tomorrow and thank you to John and Margaret for a lovely evening last night!

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