A pleasing and funky Arcelle!

12 December 2016

After a great day in Tignes yesterday I returned to the Fornet to start my morning. Quentin needed to be down by 11:30 so we went over the Col Pers and had a short ‘skin’ to ski a lovely variation of Oh My!( I’m out of code-mode on this one because after today it is now officially done!) After dropping off Quentin we skied some great slopes in the Arcelle and managed to ‘sniff’ our way to the bottom as the snow started to turn due to the early-season rain-crust and subsequent sun transformation. It skied well all the way and we were rather pleased with ourselves as we decided to go for the adventure instead of cutting out half-way down.

Thomas, JM and Oli started up at the Fornet and were going off in various directions for some touring. I’m back in code-mode as most of the easily accessed skiing is pretty much done and we’ll need to start looking further afield now.

Thanks to Johnny Alpine for a fantastic afternoon of football yesterday followed by a superb supper. After a brilliant result for Man U West Ham kept me on the edge of my seat with sweaty palms as we hung on for a 2-2 draw, and a massive point. All was well in my world after that and thanks again John!

Today’s photos are the bottom eight starting with the shot of going over the Col. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

PS Chris and Suzanne should be arriving tonight! And my French mobile should be working by this evening in case you wonder why I haven’t answered.

PPS Andreas is still with his Thai friends before doing a couple of days community service with the Ladies World Cup and my French phone still isn’t working due to a locked SIM. If I wasn’t a dinosaur I could probably work it out!

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