That was a tough one!

13 December 2016

I had a tougher day today as I went for a change of sector and although we had some great skiing it was difficult at the bottom and we paid the price. The avalanche debris was truly impressive and I’ve never seen slides like that before at this time of year. After battling our way out we finally made it to the Manchet chair at 1 o’clock! We did have a lovely ‘skin’ and some excellent snow (see bottom 15 photos) but what really got up my nose was 15 skiers trashing a slope that would have accommodated 150 skiers making an effort to conserve the snow. What we have is what we have and we won’t be getting anymore for awhile and to see such a wonderful slope ruined was sad and frustrating. Idiots!

This afternoon I skied with Johnny Alpine’s friend Ivan and we had a great technique session. Conditions were perfect with clear blue skies and an empty Verte and Ivan did really well and applied himself. Well done Ivan! (After getting down late I had about a 15-minute turn-around before my lesson with Ivan and just made it!)

The skiing has been fantastic with stable conditions that have allowed us to ski steep slopes in winter snow and it has been a lot of fun. Slowly (and not so slowly when people trash mountainsides) we are starting to run out of tricks and a little fresh snow would be greatly appreciated, although we’ll probably see another week of sunny weather.

Have fun a gymnastics club tonight Katie! Stay tuned for more news and Chris’ first day tomorrow!

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