That was easier!

14 December 2016

After a tough morning yesterday I took it easy on the troops and we enjoyed a lovely morning in Tignes. The pistes getting over there are immaculate and once off-piste we had some great skiing without anyone else around. (See bottom 5 photos starting with chamois tracks). It’s obviously getting tougher day-by-day but we’re still managing very satisfying skiing and the beautiful weather doesn’t hurt either. (Although really it does as we need some snow desperately!)

Chris was back in action for his first morning today while JM and Thomas are skiing with the Ski Club, Andreas was helping with the races and Oli is skiing with his lovely wife Claire and some faithful French clients. Henry is around somewhere but I haven’t seen him yet.

I had another afternoon today with Nick and we worked on some off-piste technique to get him back into the saddle again. Conditions are perfect for afternoons at the moment with clear blue skies and pretty quiet pistes, which makes teaching possible. Once the crowds arrive it’s really difficult to use exercises that cross the slope and some people are so tense because of other skiers that they find it hard to concentrate. Anyway, I love my technique and it’s always easier when the sun shines.

We’re in for a few more sunny days with some possible drizzle in town next Monday and Tuesday, which is good news because anything that falls out of the sky will help. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

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