East start, adventurous finish!

15 December 2016

My plan today was to go for a ‘skin’ and adventure with Chris but I decided to take it easy and consolidate with Nick what we worked on yesterday afternoon. Ros had a blister problem so she came with Nick and I and we had a lovely morning working on some technique before skiing some wonderful snow on the gentle slopes. We then finished off the morning with an adventure of our own and didn’t get down until 1:35. Naughty me but it was great fun and very good skiing! Meanwhile Johnny Alpine and his pal Ivan went off with Chris and their expedition didn’t finish until about 2:30. Well done boys!

Andreas was helping with the race this morning while Oli was helping out at Top Ski and Thomas and JM skied their last day with the Ski Club. They’ve done a fantastic job with the Ski Club because times are tough enough when you’re just skiing the morning but all day is a different story altogether. Bravo boys!

I had a wonderful hour-long Facetime session with Katie last night and she was reading to me some of her English essays that she’s been writing at school. They were about the future after some end-of-the-world sort of events and I was gob-smacked at her hidden talent. I had no idea she was capable of such descriptive writing and when I asked her when all this started she just said, “I just start writing and it just comes out Daddy!” Bravo Katie! (Don’t you just hate boastful parents?)

What a great result for West Ham last night. Last Sunday we were in the drop zone but have moved up three places to 15th in the past two games. We’ve a couple of more ‘should-win’ games coming up so fingers crossed as it’s a stressful time in Hammerland!

And sun, sun, and more sun is forecast for the next few days. Stay tuned!

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