Now that was funky!

16 December 2016

Chris and I headed up to the Fornet with a couple of plans in mind but once we arrived at the Col we ended up going in the other direction and doing something we’ve never done before. Olivier had had a ‘sniff’ that way yesterday and it turned out to be a really good option with great snow, fairly steep slopes and the little ‘couloir affect’ thrown in to up the ambience. Meanwhile Andreas was back in action and headed to the Col des Fours with Gary’s team, and Oli and JM went off for the day touring with 12 new French clients. Now that’s a result!

I had another afternoon today with my friend Paul’s two daughters and after a little technique I started to up the pace and by the end of the afternoon we were flying. Bravo girls! We ran into Thomas who was helping with the races today, and he’ll be doing the same tomorrow.

I’ve some tidying up to do as the girls arrive next Wednesday so I’d better get started. Stay tuned for news tomorrow!

PS I’m hoping to have an option with the photos up and running soon. It won’t be perfect but it should be an improvement on the current state of affairs!

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