An interesting trip over the Col!

17 December 2016

Chris and I headed up to the Fornet this morning and went back-side for a little ‘skin’. Getting over the Col is getting interesting and not nearly as easy as it was ten- days or so ago. We had some tougher snow up high that needed some application and the snow improved the lower we skied. Getting down from the Grand Torsai is actually pretty pleasant with smooth but firm chalky snow most of the way down. It doesn’t get any better really unless it’s fresh powder so that was a bit of a result to finish off the morning. Meanwhile, JM was off ‘skinning’ in Tignes, while Thomas is helping with the World Cup race and Andreas had the morning off.

Katie is riding today while Millie has two different golf lessons. That should keep them both busy and out of trouble!

The ‘Photos of the Day’ now come up without all the other files in the way but for the moment the most recent files are still found at the bottom. (Today’s are the bottom four or five.) We’re still working on a better option but at least it’s a bit less messy than yesterday!
Come on you Hammers and stay tuned!

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