Blimey, that was a tough one!

19 December 2016

I was hoping for some sunshine this morning before the weather moved in but when I opened the curtains to 1cm of snow, grey skies and ferocious winds I knew we were in for a tough day, and it turned out to be one of the trickiest days we’ve had in a couple of years. We’ve had lots of cold days, countless days of flat-light, and who knows how many windy days, but it’s rare to have so few options. After 4 weeks of sunshine the resort was tracked to death and we didn’t have enough snow overnight to have any impact whatsoever, and with fierce winds, -16C at altitude and flat-light I think you get the picture! Bravo to all who braved the elements as Chris, JM and I did our best to conjure something up. (see photos at the bottom)

With some luck we might see a significant snowfall towards the Italian border at the Fornet over the next 24-hours or so but the wind is forecast to pick up and gust to 105km/h! Don’t forget your neck fleeces and facemasks as today we had our first cases of frostbite this season.

I’m off to Bourg for some shopping as the girls arrive on Wednesday night. Stay tuned and wish us luck for tomorrow!

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