A good morning of technique!

20 December 2016

The wind was blowing again today and from my bedroom window it wasn’t looking very inspiring this morning. After being cold yesterday I put on another layer and ended up to the Gourmandine for coffee with Chris and Jean Marc. I thought that off-piste conditions today would have improved but after diving off the Verte to test the waters it was evident that the off-piste wasn’t really worth it, and how often do you hear me say that? The only show in town was the Funival and Les Etroits chair and after a couple of Funival’s we spent the rest of the morning on the Etroits chairlift working on technique. The pistes first thing were magnificent and it’s been a long time since I spent an entire morning doing technique on piste. Everyone hung in there, as did Chris’ team and we made the most of a difficult morning.Bravo everyone! ( I’m not too sure what JM did in the end as we didn’t run into him again.)

Wils and Rosie have arrived with their friends Jamie and Elliot and I had a great time at their place last night. Thanks Rosie for a lovely pasta and we had some good laughs!

I’m off to get organised for the girls arriving tomorrow. I need to get skis sorted, tidy up and hopefully have a chance to go to the gym for a quick session this afternoon. I did a huge shop yesterday afternoon so that’s at least sorted.

It’s been snowing and blowing at the Fornet and calmer weather is forecast for tomorrow so hopefully we’ll be back in the saddle. Stay tuned!

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