The girls arrive this evening!!!!

21 December 2016

The wind dropped significantly overnight and we all headed to the Fornet hoping for a decent accumulation of fresh snow. Due to power cuts, blasting and I’m not too sure what else we endured a pretty slow and at time frustrating opening, but we played our cards pretty well and made the most of it. There wasn’t as much snow as we were hoping for but there are some lovely gullies and slopes that have taken a nice covering of snow, but there are still places where old track is visible and these areas need to be avoided. The skiing is much improved and we enjoyed some excellent skiing this morning and definitely have some options in the days to come, especially with improved visibility. (see photos, bottom 12 starting with Santa!)

I’m just getting some chores done before heading down to Lyon to pick up the girls tonight and as you can imagine I’m really looking forward to it! They aren’t scheduled to arrive until 10:25 so it could be a long night. Stay tuned for more news tomorrow!

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