Welcome back girls!

22 December 2016

My trip down to Lyon went extremely well last night with ‘Rewind’ by The Rolling Stones blasting away and it was fantastic to arrive and find the girl’s plane was 15-minutes early. Yea EasyJet! The last flight of the day is always potentially late but it was nice to get back home early.

The sun was shining again after a few tough days on the mountain and we all headed up to the Fornet to make the best of what little snow fell. The Pays Desert didn’t look appetising enough for a trip so we headed over the Col. Andreas was first and paid for it by setting the boot-track up, and the snow was deep and jolly hard work. Thanks Andreas! Andreas did a great job opening the slope as a lot of new snow had fallen and blown in, and his and our reward back-side was wonderful with deep snow on the Col and great strips of lovely creamy snow all the way down to the Pont St Charles. The bottom from the Grand Torsai down has been really good so far this season, and today was no exception, especially when we all had clean lines to ski. Afterwards we went back up and skied a nice run in the Combe du Signal followed by a run in the Grand Vallon to the bottom to finish the day. (see photos)

Today’s photos have a few ‘people’ shots with JM, Chris, and Pat and Mike and a weird shot on the Grand Torsai and have a guess at what it might be?

I’m trying to get my writing done so I can hang out with the girls when they return from their first ski of the season. It’s great having them back and it will be great to have some sunshine for our afternoon skis, which we’ll start tomorrow. Last year it was grey and miserable in the afternoons with bumpy icy pistes and it wasn’t very inspiring, especially after spending the morning off-piste in flat-light, but it looks like we’ll have some great skiing together this holiday.

I saw Jean R on the bus and he’s skiing but not yet ready to come back off-piste. He was skiing with his grandson today, which he thoroughly enjoyed. Millie misses you Jean, as do we all! Stay tuned!

PS Jean Marc and his team went off ‘skinning’ and I’m sure they had a fantastic time!

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