Great to have Millie along!!!

23 December 2016

It was another beautiful day and JM, Chris, Andreas and I all headed towards the Fornet and went off ‘skinning’ in different directions. I’m in ‘code-mode’ again as the last snowfall helped but our options are still limited and it’s tough out there! It was the Cook’s last day today and we had an excellent week together, as their skiing is rapidly improving and they are great company. I had the pleasure of my daughter Millie joining the group this morning and she had a wonderful time and along with Sophie and Caroline put on an impressive pace ‘skinning’!

Unfortunately I forgot my camera this morning so you won’t be able to play ‘Where’s Wayne?’ It’s a bit of a bummer because we had some lovely snow and great scenery and all the participants enjoy seeing themselves on the big screen! Chris promised to send some but I haven’t received any yet.

I skied with Gill and Katie this afternoon while Andreas had a ski with Ness and Victor, and for the next few days we need to maximise on our family ski time before the crowds arrive. For the moment it is still pretty civil out there but that will change on Boxing Day.

More sun is forecast for tomorrow and stay tuned as Santa gets those reindeer revved up for his big night out!

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