Merry Christmas to you all !!!

24 December 2016

Chris and I decided on a change of scenery and sector today and we had a really good morning. It was in two stages with a stage one being a 30-minute ‘skin’ with wonderful views and pretty good snow, and stage two was another 30-minute ‘skin’ with patches of great snow and places where we needed to ‘sniff’ around to find the best way down. I needed to wait for Ray at one stage so Millie took over the lead and cut her first-ever track to the top. Well done Millie! Stage two wasn’t as good as we were hoping for but it was a fun outing anyway and bravo to everyone who participated! (See photos at the bottom of the file and hopefully I’ll be able to get them in order soon!) Meanwhile Andreas and JM headed towards the Fornet ‘skinning’ and they reported another successful morning out!

I skied with Gill, Millie and Katie this afternoon and the wind had really picked up. Hopefully the wind won’t ravage too much snow as we need all the help we can get! Have a very Merry Christmas and stay tuned for more news tomorrow.

PS We were invited by Michele to eat in the new YSE chalet Isere last night and it was absolutely brilliant! Stig and his team put on a stunning meal starting with lovely canapés, followed by a Moroccan tomato soup, then perfectly cooked breast of duck with fabulous veg and sauce, and we then finished off with a wonderful chocolate tart. (Katie guessed the secret ingredient of rosemary) It was a top performance and you’d be hard pushed to find a better meal anywhere in town. Bravo to Stig and his team and thank-you very much Michele!

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