That was fun!!!

28 December 2016

The beat goes on as far as the sun goes and we enjoyed another fantastic day in the mountains with good snow, great scenery and some brilliant ambience. All the teams were up at the Fornet and everyone had a big smile on their face at the end of the morning.

The girls and I had a lovely lunch at Bananas with Caroline and her twin daughters Emilie and Grace. It was great to see Ricki again and he seems to be on top form.

Katie is off visiting friends, Gill has been out for a walk on the Balcon and Millie and I tried to get into the gym, but she didn’t look old enough! Being a bad liar it didn’t take the receptionist long to get Millie’s real age out of me, and that was that!

More sun is forecast with the possibility of a little snow next Monday, and fingers crossed on that one! Stay tuned.

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