An adventure with Katie!

29 December 2016

We enjoyed another day with brilliant sunshine and Andreas, Chris and I returned to the Fornet for more of what we did yesterday. The entrance over the Col has deteriorated quite significantly from yesterday and we had an interesting time getting in this morning. I’m not too sure what Thomas and Henry skied but hopefully they found something of interest because after two straight days at the Fornet I’ll be need a change of scenery tomorrow!

Unfortunately Millie felt unwell this afternoon and couldn’t come on an adventure over the Col with Gill, Katie, Ray and I. (See photos, which are at the bottom of the file) It was wonderful taking Katie to such a cool place and she really enjoyed it! Hopefully Millie will be feeling better by tomorrow as she’s hoping to ski in my group for her last three days before they head back to England.

More of the same is forecast for tomorrow and a little snow is expected on Monday and Tuesday. Stay tuned!

PS. I met Simon on the Signal terrace today as he overheard me speaking to Henry on the radio and asked if I was Wayne? It turns out he is from Jersey and reads my blog regularly and hopes to ski with us in the future when he children are a little older. It was a pleasure to meet you Simon!

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