Where did that come from?

30 December 2016

I didn’t really expect anything more than a nice outing in the mountains with some decent strips of snow that worked to get us safely down our itineraries, but boy oh boy, what a cracking morning! The snow wasn’t good everywhere but we found some fantastic snow between the plaque and the team did a great job on their tracks. (see photos) To top it all off we found another unexpected area of wonderful skiing on our way back towards lunch, and all in all it was a terrific morning! Chris was in the neighbourhood although we didn’t see much of his team and Millie was back in action on my team!

Meanwhile, Andreas and Thomas, like us, went off hoping for the best and ended up with a similar result and well rewarded for all their efforts. They had a fantastic morning and I thought the ‘Alpine-sniffers’ were at their best today in tough conditions. Bravo boys! Henry was up at the Fornet and I haven’t heard from him but I’m sure he put on a good show as well.

It seems as if some snow is coming around again, which is great news as we were starting to lose our mojo’s a little bit, but today was promising as far as some options starting to open up again. I was going to come out of ‘code-mode’ because it didn’t seem like there was much to protect but after today I think I’ll stay quiet. Stay tuned!

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