Thanks Chris!!!

31 December 2016

Without any afternoon commitments Chris and I had the time for a Col des Fours and we had a really good outing and didn’t get down until close to 2 o’clock! I’d like to thank Chris who did a super job taking care of Michael (who’s couteaux didn’t fit) and Robert (who didn’t have any couteaux) and getting them to the top. The track was icy and without couteaux it was nearly impossible unless you were a mountain goat, and even then it would have been tricky! Bravo Michaerl and Robert and thanks again Chris!

As for the skiing, we all know times are tough but we ‘sniffed’ out some patches before heading over the little Col and finding a few more options. (Andreas and Thomas had been that way yesterday so we knew we’d be able to find some clean snow.) Millie loved the ‘skinning’ and she and Dan lead the way, and well done Penny who is walking much better this season. Meanwhile, Andreas, Thomas and Henry were all in action and they were trying out some sectors that we haven’t visited for a while so I’m waiting on a report, and if they scored I’d be in ‘code-mode’ anyway!

Have a Happy New Year and stay tuned for more news tomorrow. My update will be late because I’m taking the girls down to Lyon right after skiing. Boo-hoo!

PS Go West Ham!!!

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