The wind has died down and the sun was out again today

10 January 2009

The wind has died down and the sun was out again today, making for perfect conditions this morning. TJ and I skied an outstanding Glacier Pers while Chris had a fantastic Col des Fours. Andreas skied with Ness while Tansy and little brother Victor cheered them on from the bottom. Thomas had a private with a boarder today, which is new for ‘Alpine’, and although we don’t believe in boarding times are tough and I guy needs to make a living. We won’t be mixing boarders with skiers but if someone you know wants to board privately Thomas is available. Russell is in town and it was great to see him at the Rond Point this morning and apparently Charlie is about to make a guest appearance. Now all we need is Webby who has decided to go to Kashmir instead. Anyway, a great point for the Hammers today although I’m depressed with the rumours about needing to sell our entire team and threats of further legal action. Bummer! Fortunately the sun is forecast for tomorrow as Chris and TJ are planning a trip to Bonneval and no snow is forecast for the next week.

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