Great morning, nightmare journey!

01 January 2017

We had another really good ski out of nothing today and I really enjoyed it, so hopefully everyone else did as well. I know Millie certainly had a good time and she’s sad to have to say goodbye until mid-February as she is seriously hooked on being off-piste and especially likes the ‘skinning’! Today we skied a mix of lovely grippy soufflé and some strips of frisset while skiing some impressive big slopes. Unfortunately Picasa seems to have packed up altogether now that it is 2017 so I don’t know what I’m going to do with the photos. Hopefully Chris can help me sort something out sooner than later. It’s a shame as I took some good photos today and they are important for the non-believers who think the skiing sucks and there is nothing to do!

Chris, Andreas and Thomas had good mornings as well and bravo to everyone for making the best of the situation! I saw that Henry was out with his entire family for a ski and he’ll need a day off after that! I remember Millie falling asleep while skiing and me carrying her home along with both of our full sets of equipment. Blimey Henry!

I had a nightmare journey to Lyon with the girls and Ray as the traffic was extremely heavy and areas of dense fog didn’t help either. It was much easier coming home except for the fog and I worried about the girl’s flight all the way home. With all the trouble in the UK and the fog in Lyon there is definitely trouble brewing on the travel-front. I’ve received an email from Gill saying their flight has been delayed by four hours and that’s unfortunately one step away from a dreaded cancellation. Fingers crossed
that they get back to England tonight after a brilliant holiday! Stay tuned
for travel and skiing news but unfortunately the photos may be on hold!

PS I finally have yesterday’s photos up! On Photos of the Day click left-hand arrow and they should come up. I’ll have Chris try to sort it out later. And I think the girls arrived back in England last night!

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