The girls made it and poor Jackson!

02 January 2017

Fortunately the girls made it home last night after a long afternoon/evening in the car and lounging around the airport. Katie reports that after hanging about for four hours they missed their boarding call and almost missed their plane! Late is better than the alternative so although they are tired today it all worked out in the end.

The forecast was for cloud cover today but fortunately that didn’t happen and we enjoyed another cold but sunny day. Chris and I were up at the Fornet skiing the Pays Desert, Vallonnet, and Oh My, while Andreas headed to Tignes for a ‘skin’ and Thomas walked as well this morning.

I feel badly because I was joking on yesterday’s blog about Henry needing a day off after skiing with his children yesterday as his son Jackson broke his leg and Henry was up all night as the poor little sausage was in pain. Fortunately it’s not a bad break but it is painful and Jackson’s season is over before it even gets started. Courage and good luck Jackson!

The photos are up and for the moment today’s are the bottom five, starting with the bread from Chevallot that I had for breakfast and thank goodness I had some bacon and eggs to go with it! (The first group are from yesterday)

I’ve some organising next door to do before heading to Geoff and Inga’s for a late lunch followed by West Ham v Man U. Come on boys!

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