I'm missing my girls!!!

03 January 2017

I was feeling a little ‘blue’ this morning as I was missing the girls but once on the snow I rallied and had another pretty good morning! Chris, Andreas and I all ‘skinned’ in various sectors and I’m not too sure what Henry skied, but the sun is still shining and everyone seems to be really enjoying themselves. There is a little chance of some snow in the next day or two and some talk about snow next week, but we’ll just wait and see. What we don’t want to deal with are a couple of days of flat-light without any snow to show for it because that would be a serious test for one’s mojo!

I had a great technique session with Dave and Jim this afternoon and conditions were perfect. The sun was out, the pistes were in fantastic condition and there really weren’t too many people in the way. Meanwhile Chris was up at the Fornet doing an intro to off-piste session complete with a short ‘skin’.

Thanks to Geoff and Inga for a fabulous lunch yesterday afternoon followed by the West Ham v Man U match. The Hammers suffered from some shocking refereeing but played extremely well with ten-men and looked like a team again, and with a little luck may have picked up a point, but it wasn’t to be.

On Sunday night when the girls went back to England with Ray they ended up renting a car instead of taking a taxi and were given a Fiat 500. It had all the mode-coms and with all the buttons no one could figure out how to adjust the seat, so poor Ray had to drive with his head pressed up against the roof. It must have been a fairly comical sight but at least they arrived home in one piece!

Hopefully we’ll have some sunshine in the morning before the forecasted clouds show up. Wish us luck and stay tuned!

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