Saved by the sun!!!!

04 January 2017

The forecast was for cloudy skies today and at 6AM it was clear towards the Fornet, by 7AM a few clouds were appearing and by ‘show-time’ it looked as if we were in for a miserable day. Miraculously and against Radio Val’s weather report the skies cleared and we had really good light and visibility all-day long. I was incredibly pleased with this turn in fortune as I wasn’t looking forward to a flat-light day without snow and we ended up with another good morning. We were all heading up to the Fornet to go over the Col and through the gorge but the Glacier was closed due to violent wind so we skied the Vallonnet instead before finishing off the morning around the Arcelle/Cugnai.

Chris was off-piste again this afternoon while I skied the Vallonnet again with Dave. It was Dave’s first time out there and he was suitably impressed with the terrain, the snow quality and the fact that we were the only two people out there!

There is a little snow forecast for tonight so fingers crossed as were are in desperate need now. The skiing has been great but enough-is-enough and a fresh canvas and an entire resort’s worth of options would be blissful! The wind is expected to blow but anything falling out of the sky would be welcome. Stay tuned!

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