That was chilly !!!!

05 January 2017

To say it wasn’t the easiest morning of the season would be an understatement as we awoke to -17C at altitude, grey skies meaning flat-light, only 1cm maximum of fresh snow, and a strong wind to make it feel even colder! Still, everyone showed up and we ended up having a pretty decent morning starting off towards the Fornet and we had one run in the Grand Vallon before sheltering in the Signal for hot chocolate. After that we headed back towards Solaise and Bellevarde, which turned out to be even colder, but my team finished at 1:05, which is saying something on a tough day!

I’m off to the gym for the first time in a couple of weeks and I figure the gym will be a good place to spend some time this afternoon as it’s jolly cold out there. Chris is skiing with a lovely Greek family in the afternoons and I wish him luck today, but Chris is a real pro and he’ll be out there with a smile on his face and will make the most of it. Bravo JC!

Snowflakes have been blowing about all day long and hopefully there will be some sort of accumulation somewhere before the sun comes back out tomorrow. At the moment there is only 1 cm if that of fresh snow on my terrace. Stay tuned!

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