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06 January 2017

Hallelujah! The sun returned in full force this morning and we had a surprisingly good ski. The one-to-two centimetres that fell yesterday accumulated to 10 to 15cm’s in places and it made for a brilliant change in conditions, both visually and the feel underfoot. Andreas had a good ‘sniff’ in Tignes and was extremely pleased with his outing, while Chris and I stayed in the sun and did a short walk to stay warm and had some lovely strips of snow in the gullies and in the lee. Meanwhile Thomas went up to the Fornet looking for adventure and I think that Henry may have gone as well? Anyway, the little snow that we did receive wasn’t life-changing but it has made a difference and we may see a couple of more small snowfalls over the next few days. Fingers crossed as it all adds up!

I had a lovely time last night with Rosie’s boyfriend Jamie’s family in the Baraque, which is my favourite bar in town. Jamie was there with his Mum and Dad (Rhona and Gavin) and brother Andrew and it was really nice to meet them and they’re great characters. I was surprised to learn that Rhona reads my blog so I warmed to her immediately!

Apparently there are a couple of foxes making nuisances of themselves late at night around the village. It turns out that they follow people carrying fast-food in hope of a hand-out and last night a fox bit a young lady on the ankle when she wouldn’t hand over her burger! Fortunately the teeth didn’t penetrate the leather of her boots and she was not harmed.

Stay tuned for more news, weather, sports and photos again tomorrow!

PS TJ arrives on Saturday!

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