Watch out on steep slopes!

07 January 2017

It was another lovely sunny day and being Saturday Chris and I decided it would be a good day to head to Tignes for a change of scenery. The pistes were empty and in superb condition so we made that most them en-route to our destination. We did two little ‘skins’ of about 15-minutes and were rewarded with some great strips of beautiful soft snow as well as some wonderful ambience. (See photos at the bottom of the file)

Chris had a 13-year-old Greek boy and his father this morning and they absolutely loved it. They enjoyed the ‘skinning’, which is important, and a nice combination of gentle pockets of creamy snow as well as some impressive steep slopes. It was a much better than a ‘change-of-scenery’ morning and all who were present thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

It was a bad night for my sports teams as the Hammers were hammered 5-0 and the Calgary Flames lost 4-1, but all will be forgiven if the Steelers beat the Dolphins tomorrow night. I’m watching the game with Michael on his computer as he has NFL Game Pass and it will be the first time I’ve seen an American football game live in about twenty years! Being a massive Steeler fan I’m really looking forward to it!

A few clouds are floating about this afternoon and we are expecting some snow off-and-on next week. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS There was a fatal accident yesterday under the Borsat chair when a skier fell trying to retrieve his pole that he’d dropped from the chair. The slope at the top of the lift is very steep and extremely polished and the poor man slid into the rocks. There is a serious ‘whipper’ factor at the moment with all the wind-blown soufflé snow that we’ve been skiing, and some of it is on some pretty steep terrain where choosing a line without obstacles below is extremely important. If you find yourself above something nasty on a steep and firm slope don’t even try to turn and just side-slip instead. (This applies on piste as well!)

PPS Katie is off to the theater in London with her Nana and Millie has done her first Duke of Edinburgh Award walks.

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