Just enough light with creamy snow!!!

08 January 2017

It was a little overcast this morning with cloud cover moving in-and-out, but for the most part we enjoyed good visibility. Another centimetre of fresh snow fell and combined with the wind we were treated to similar conditions as the past couple of days with creamy strips of lovely snow in the gullies and in the lee. Chris and I headed up towards the Motte for a change of sector as it’s been about 4-weeks since I was last up there. We weren’t disappointed with some great strips around my shoulder, the Little Borsat West and the Cairn.(See photos at bottom of file) Meanwhile Andreas and Thomas headed towards the Aiguille Percee and enjoyed some great skiing as well.

Millie is off playing golf this afternoon and she’s looking forward to getting back out on the course, and Katie is going into Guildford to spend some of her Christmas vouchers. Andreas’ son Victor had his first ice-hockey practice in full padding yesterday and the wee man absolutely loved it. He looked brilliant with his shin guards, shoulder and elbow pads, gloves, helmet with face mask and his stick. Bravo Victor, and if I could I’d play in goal so you to shoot at me but my days of doing toe-saves while doing the splits are long gone!

It clouded over this afternoon and it seems that this 6-week high pressure system is finally breaking down and with any luck we may start to see some regular snowfalls. It was about this time last season when it all kicked off and we had one of our best winters in years. Here’s hoping!

TJ has arrived although I haven’t seen him yet. His friends Russell and Charlie are in town so he’ll be busy skiing with them until work calls. Stay tuned!

PS I’d like to thank Doug for a sterling job helping people in need at the back of the group. He always looks out for people who may be struggling and often foregoes his own skiing to help others. Bravo and thanks Doug!

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