Are you out there Radio Will?

09 January 2017

It was back to clear blue skies again today but we are expecting some snow this week. The forecast doesn’t really say how much but we are in need of a change conditions as we are probably operating with about 5% of our options open to us. And that 5% isn’t frisset either but the odd strip of creamy snow or strips of soufflé. I’ve really enjoyed the winter so far and we’ve had some excellent skiing with stunning sunshine, but I’m ready for a change now! (Andreas and Henry headed up to the Fornet this morning while Chris, Thomas and I stayed around the centre of the resort.) (See photos)

Thanks to Michael R for a lovely supper last night followed by my beloved Steelers seeing off the Miami Dolphins 30-12. It was great to watch American Football live again and I thoroughly enjoyed it.

Are you out there Radio Will? I think I noticed something from you in my ‘junk’ file and I just realised it too late as I hit the ‘delete’ key. I hope you’re well and it would be great to hear from you.

I’m fighting off some microbes that are trying to get into my system and I’m not feeling my best today so fingers crossed that I rally for tomorrow as Chris and I have the school children tomorrow and Thursday afternoons. Stay tuned!

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