Blimey, that was a surprise!

10 January 2017

Hallelujah, finally a change of weather that may turn out to be quite significant! At 6AM it wasn’t looking too promising and when Andreas and I had a chat around 7:30 neither of us were expecting too much, but what a morning it turned out to be! There was a dusting of fresh snow and again the gullies and lee slopes were excellent, and up on the Motte we had enough sun getting through to light up the morning. My team skied two from the top of the Grande Motte cable car, two variations of Wayne’s Shoulder, a Cairn and then some bits and pieces on the way home. All the boys were in the neighbourhood skiing variations and everyone had a big smile at the end of the morning. It’s funny how these ‘low expectation’ days have a way of turning out to be really satisfying!

And then Chris and I watched as these tiny people filed off the bus for our afternoon community service ski and we both wondered momentarily why we put ourselves through it? I mean these children are only four and can hardly carry their poles let alone their skis. But, we had a great afternoon skiing with the most delightful little characters and came away feeling like we’d done something useful, and I know both of us will be signing up again next season! Well done Chris!

And to top off a brilliant day the snowfall has continued and the door is open for the change in weather we’ve all been waiting for. Fingers crossed that this is the start of another big winter, just like last year. Stay tuned!

PS Unfortunately Michael is still ill and I’m missing you Jean!

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