Well, what a stunning day again today!

11 January 2009

Well, what a stunning day again today. Chris and TJ went to Bonneval with just Ray and Chris E as TJ’s clients were unfortunately ill and they had a fabulous time top-to-bottom in great snow. Conditions are rarely better so the boys really profited. My team ‘skinned’ up to the Col des Fours for one of the best Col’s I ever skied. No one else was travelling that way so we had the place to ourselves, which is always a bonus and the snow was wonderful. Andreas is back in action and was up at the Fornet as well warming up a new group on their first day. Millie and I skied this afternoon and she’s always a pleasure to ski with while Katie spent 2-and-a-half hours with the ESF and her little friend Anna at the Jardin d’Enfant. She was coming down the little slope on her own and stayed another hour when I checked-in to see how see was doing. Good girl! And young Ness is doing brilliantly as she is skiing the Madeleine on her own at 4 years-old. More sun is expected tomorrow.

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