Here comes the snow!!!

12 January 2017

The day turned out to be much better than forecast as we enjoyed decent visibility this morning and the expected ferocious winds never materialized this afternoon. Chris and I were expecting our children’s ski school session to be cancelled as 100km/h winds with driving snow were on the cards but we ended up having a peaceful afternoon. (Except poor Chris had one kid starting to kick and punch and he turned out to be a real handful!) Anyway, the skiing was pretty good this morning and we all skied in Tignes. (See photos at the bottom of the file)

Michael R made a comeback today after three days out with a nasty lurgie, and considering what he’s been through the past few days I thought he did a pretty good job. Bravo Michael. And a big Happy Birthday to Jim who turned 66 today and Jim thoroughly enjoyed his ‘birthday ski’! TJ took a big hit yesterday on the Motte Glacier when he hit a rock, which is seriously bad luck as there aren’t many rocks on the glacier, and he did a spectacular ‘park-and-fly’! He landed on his radio, beep and whatever else TJ has there under his jacket and really bashed his sternum. He was a bit sore yesterday but he’s on the mend.

It started to snow about 3:45PM and it looks like we are finally going to receive some ‘season-changing’ snowfalls over the next few days. Fingers crossed and stay tuned!

PS The Alpine office and much of the village is experiencing internet problems so it may take a day or two to process your requests, and we apologise for any inconvenience.

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