The resort is on shut-down!

13 January 2017

Winter has finally arrived as 25 centimetres of fresh snow fell overnight but when I heard the wind humming in the chimney I knew that we were in for a tough time this morning. It was blowing a hoolie in town and it must have been incredible on the summit, but with the resort shut down we were never going to get the chance to experience it. Chris and I headed down to La Daille hoping for the best and eventually our teams ‘skinned’ up to the Triffolet. Even at the low altitude the wind was ferocious but everyone really enjoyed being out and experiencing the storm, and the ski down was a bonus. (See photos at the bottom of the file)

It was Michael’s last day of 27 today and he’s had a fantastic holiday, even though it hasn’t been the easiest conditions-wise. Bravo Michael for hanging in there day-after-day and always showing up with a smile on your face.

And I’d like to thank Dave and Sue for a lovely dinner and evening at their YSE Chalet Chardon last night.

I’m now tucked up at home and planning on going to the gym later as I have hardly been during the past three weeks with the girls being here then trying to fight off some bug over the past five days. I’m feeling better again but I’ll take it easy. Stay tuned as more snow is forecast for the rest of the day and the night ahead!

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