A limited opening but pretty good!

14 January 2017

There was ‘cabin-fever’ brewing today as most people didn’t get any skiing at all yesterday and thankfully the resort did a pretty good job getting things running by 9:15. We managed to stay a step ahead for most of the morning and had a run off the Verte, three on Bonnevie’s Drag, and one under the Mont Blanc before we needed to spread our wings a little. I then decided to cross the bridge into the bottom of the Familial for the first time all season because up until now we’ve used the bridge as an escape route to avoid the bottom, and we just got away with it as the snow quality was excellent but it was a little thin down low and one needed to ski with finesse while stay as light as possible. We then played around a little bit with bits and pieces while waiting for Tommeuses to open but it was worth it in the end and we finished the day with a terrific Familial.

Dave and Sue recruited a couple of new skiers from their chalet and it was great to have Adam and Dave along this morning. They both had a good time and hopefully we’ll see more of them in the future. Thanks Dave and Sue, the more the merrier and it’s always nice to get some new faces into the team.

We ran into John E and Jean R today as they were out ‘sniffing’ for the best on offer. With a limited opening it wasn’t easy and we didn’t have too many options but I think the boys did themselves proud.

Another 15cm’s is forecast tonight and tomorrow we should see less wind with a little more sunshine, but the temperatures are forecast to drop quite significantly next week. Dress up warm because it is rather nippy out there! Stay tuned and come on you Hammers!

PS I’ve just added a photo of Victor who’s off to hockey practice in his Red Wings uniform! Brilliant Victor!!!!!

PPS I was thinking of TJ this morning when we skied down to the bottom of La Daille via the Triffolet. It was type of snow that TJ skis beautifully as he’s brilliant at standing up tall, flattening his skis and staying as close to the surface as possible when necessary. The snow cover was thin and you could feel the ground in places so staying light and flat without ever jamming in was essential and TJ would have loved it!

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