Cold and stunningly beautiful !!!

16 January 2017

It might have been even colder today but if you stayed in the sun it was bearable. I skied with Mike and his daughter Sarah for her first off-piste experience and she did really well. We skied the Borsat, off the Motte and the Familial and by the end of the morning Sarah was leaving ‘Alpine’ tracks, which pleased both her Dad and I! Bravo Sarah!

Andreas, Chris and Thomas went their various ways and had a fantastic morning but I’m going back into ‘code-mode’ as the resort is being quickly tracked out and it isn’t good everywhere, so our ‘stashes’ will remain just that!

You might just be wondering who the good looking chap with the board is in the photos? It’s James, who is Millie’s golf pro and such a great guy that we won’t hold his board against him!

Thirty-five years ago one of my best friends from my Banff/Lake Louise days Lisa sent me to Val d’Isere for the first time. She told me I had to go and organised my apartment through Val Agence for me so when I arrived I just needed to pick up my key. In those days it was incredibly difficult to find a place to stay and Lisa made my arrival to my new home as easy as possible. Today Lisa’s daughter India is coming to Val d’Isere for the first time and I’ll be showing her into Penny’s flat along with her boyfriend Jacek. I’m sure they’ll be suitably impressed with the world’s best ski resort and thank you so much Penny for the use of your flat! Lisa was a world-class party girl all those years ago when I still had a bit of a reputation for being a fun guy, and we had some seriously great times together. (I’ve since turned into a bit of a whimp!) Lisa had a major influence on how my life here began and I can’t imagine where I’d be without my 35-years here and still counting here. Thanks Lisa!

Thanks to Geoff and Inga for a great evening last night and after the Steelers win over the Chiefs followed up the Hammers victory on Saturday I’m feeling good about my sporting world for the moment! Rock on and stay tuned!

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