A funny sort of day!!!

18 January 2017

It was a funny sort of day that started with Meteo France bumping up the avalanche risk to 4/5, which wound me up and would have put a damper on our plans. Even though we totally disagreed with the rating if anything ever happened the Meteo France rating is what the court goes by and any off-piste guide would have a hard time defending themselves. Fortunately Andreas heard on the radio that the Val d’Isere Piste Service was ignoring the rating and keeping it at 3/5 so we all went back to ‘Plan A’. Unfortunately ‘Plan A’ never got off the ground as there was a ferocious foehn wind blowing that keep several lifts shut and not one of us ended up skiing what we had intended, but everyone rallied and ‘Plan G’ turned out to be pretty jolly good with everyone enjoying a great morning.

My team hiked up to the top of the Borsat in a howling wind and had a good ski down before bussing over to the Palafour en-route to the Sachette, which was protected and excellent top-to-bottom. Chris skied the Sachette as well while Andreas and Thomas arrived at Tommeuses to find it closed due to the wind and they needed to circle back via the Borsat and looking at their tracks they ended up having a great ski in the Cocaine Sud. (It’s incredibly rare to have Tommeuses closed when the Borsat is open, in fact it might just be a first!) Henry was in action with an initiation group and I’m not too sure what he skied, but one thing for certain is that a lot of lovely snow has been rearranged by the wind swinging from northerly to southerly. Bummer!

I had Lisa’s daughter India from Canada with me today as well as her boyfriend Jacek, and neither of them have ever been to Val d’Isere before. It’s always a pleasure to introduce people to our wonderful domain and especially the daughter of one of my best friends! I also had Alex along, who was celebrating his 30th birthday with his friends Ed and Adam, and Baz from Australia, who skied with us back in our Top Ski days.

Millie has had a big day as she wrote her first GCSE exam paper in French. She’s doing her exams two years in advance to take advantage of the years she spent her before her French starts to get a little rusty. She has been studying hard and was really pleased with the way it went, bravo Millie! And Katie has her gymnastic club tonight and she’s really looking forward to that!

I think we all had a few days of options in our heads to look forward to but this wind will take us back to the drawing board. I’m sure we’ll be pooling some ideas to help entertain the troops tomorrow. Stay tuned!

PS To add to a weird start to the day we all needed to bus to La Daille this morning as the Olympique was having rare technical problems.

PPS And the funny sort of day continued when our website has been down and I haven’t been able to post the diary. It’s now 9:40PM and still no joy!

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