'Skiers snow' and much warmer!!!!

18 January 2017

The Canadian-cold of the past few days has finally moved on and today we had a very pleasant day temperature-wise. It was still chilly with a punchy wind but not nearly as cold. In fact, this afternoon I had a great session with Steve and Helen where we could do exercises and talk without perishing, the skis glided instead of feeling like they had glue on the bottoms, and it was lovely to be able to teach properly again. And well done to you both for making some solid progress!

This morning most of us skied Mont Roup and considering the wind over the past few days I thought it was excellent. The snow was ‘educational’ in places but anyone with a well-timed pole plant; a round turn and connected movements did a pretty good job on it. Sarah was brilliant as it was her first morning off-piste and she dealt with it really well. Bravo Sarah! Being India and Jacek’s first trip to Val d’Isere they loved the ‘skinning’, the scenery, and really appreciated just being there.

It seems as if the cold snap is behind us and the forecast calls for a few more days of sunshine. With the warmer temperatures Chris and I will definitely be back on with our adorable 4-year-olds tomorrow afternoon. Stay tuned!

PS Sorry about the late update yesterday but our site was down and there was nothing I could do about it. It wasn’t for a lack of trying!

PPS I’ve John, Margaret and TJ coming over for dinner so I’d better get going and clean up my pad!

PPPS Well done Katie for staying for the net-ball match, we’re proud of you!

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