I hope you're alright Tommy???

19 January 2017

The sun continues to beat down and it has warmed up significantly over the past two days. Today was the first day in four or five that I haven’t worn my boot warmers and I even ended up with just a head-band at the end of the morning. We traversed through some great snow yesterday so Chris and I altered an itinerary to make sure we didn’t miss it today and we had some excellent skiing. I skied the first pitch and went to dig out my camera, couldn’t find it anywhere and realised that I must have missed my pocket and the camera slid through my clothes. Anyway, I had to ‘skin’ back up to where we’d taken off our ‘skins’ and fortunately it was sitting right where I’d left it! Unfortunately Tommy twigged his knee on the last turn on the last pitch and after he’d done so well. What a bummer! I’m waiting to hear how serious it is and my fingers are crossed for Tommy!

Thomas and TJ were in Tignes and had a great morning after a fairly serious climb while Andreas was off skiing couloirs with some friends. I knew he was up to something when he showed up with a helmet this morning!

Chris and I had our last afternoon with the school children today and we both had a new group, which was a bit of a surprise as we knew all their names and had developed a bit of a bond with them. Tansy was there as well today although we didn’t really cross paths.

I’m waiting on a report about the Fornet from Henry as we haven’t been up there in about ten days and I’m getting ready for a change of scenery and sector, and we all know why we avoid certain areas for big stretches at a time! Stay tuned!

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