That was fun!!!

20 January 2017

With limited options I didn’t want to do too much walking today to give everyone a bit of a break and we ended up having a fantastic morning. We ‘skinned’ twice, once for ten-minutes and the second for only five-minutes and we were rewarded with some excellent snow, especially when you consider what’s out there. Mike and Sarah stayed in Les Brevieres for lunch and the rest of the team (Sylvie, Francoise, Baz, India, and Jacek) had a superb piste blast back down for a 1:30 finish. It was a surprisingly good morning and I for one really enjoyed it. (one always feels good about a good ‘sniff’)

For the first time all season I ran into Didier P and it was great to have a chat with him. It turns out his team read my blog regularly so I’ve posted a couple of photos of the boys.

Meanwhile Chris and TJ went for a reconnaissance ‘skin’ and had an ‘educational’ but great morning, Thomas was very pleased with himself so I’m definitely not mentioning where he was, Andreas was out for the day and was skiing in Tignes, and I’m not too sure what Henry and the Green family skied. Everyone is doing the business and I’m proud of the team for the skiing they are delivering on a daily basis. Bravo boys!

I’m off for the afternoon so I’m going to the gym for the first time in ages to lie about and stretch myself out. If I find some energy I’ll do some sit-ups and light weights but nothing too taxing.

I might go for an adventure ski tomorrow to show India and Jacek the views at the Fornet, although I know the snow isn’t great. It’s a must to see certain places up there when you’ve never been to Val d’Isere before so I think we’ll go for it! Stay tuned!

PS I’ve had no news from Tommy so I’m assuming that his knee isn’t too bad. Fingers crossed!

PPS It was great to ski with Mike and his daughter Sarah this week. When Mike worked for Rolex he used to invite me to the PGA at Wentworth and it was a stunning day out with fabulous catering and excellent company. Gill came with me the first time when she was pregnant with Millie and we met Justin Rose when he was just turning professional, and David Robinson came twice while Richard Finlay accompanied me once. They were wonderful days out and much appreciated. Thanks Mike!

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