Trying to cope without my computer!!!!

22 January 2017

I’m up at Chris and Suzanne’s doing my Valdinet post for tomorrow so I’ll take the opportunity to do an update, although I won’t be able to post any photos. It looks as if my computer is truly stuffed so Chris will do most of the updates until I get organised. Hopefully I’ll be able to post some photos on the Valdinet site on Monday and Friday’s so you will be able to see some ski shots by logging on there.

We had a fantastic trip through the gorge yesterday after an interesting entrance over the Col Pers and India, Jacek, Francoise, Sylvie, Baz and Chris’ team of Sandy, Mick, Graham and Louise thoroughly enjoyed the ambience and experience.

Today Baz, Louise and I had an easy morning combined with a reconnaissance mission for next week but we didn’t find much, but we did have a very good chamois sighting in the ‘L’ of all places!

After almost losing my camera and then trashing my computer I was very pleased with the Hammers result yesterday. A defeat would have been a tough end to a difficult couple of days of me being clumsy! Stay tuned!

PS Thanks for the Christmas card Paul, it arrived yesterday!

PPS Thanks JC and Suzanne for putting up with me all afternoon!

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