Back in action!!!!

24 January 2017

Good old Chris has lent me a computer so that I can continue with the diary, but photos are still beyond us for the moment. Photos are still updated on Monday and Friday’s on the Valdinet website that I also write for, so have a look!

We had another great morning and I’m really impressed with the work all the boys are doing. Bravo boys! It’s ‘bottom-of-the-barrel’ time but fortunately the barrel seems pretty deep and we keep scratching out excellent skiing. Thomas is skiing with Canadians along with his pal Jerome, his friend Yohann is also helping us out, and TJ is in action along with Henry. It’s business as usual for Chris and I and Andreas did a great job with some Vikings today as they skied all day long!

It has warmed significantly and a few days ago when I drove up to Chris’ the thermometer read -18.5C and today it registers a balmy -2C! The sun is still beating down and unfortunately no snow is forecast in the immediate future.

I can collect emails again but I’ve no address book so I can’t get in touch until you get in touch with me.

Stay tuned and don’t forget to check out the Valdinet site for photos!

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