Wow, that was a nice surprise!!!

25 January 2017

We thought we’d change sector today and go for ambience and a scenic tour but we didn’t expect the 5 to 10cm’s that had floated in on the wind! Wow, what a difference, not only to the feel underfoot but to everyone’s spirit as well and it all added up to a cracking good morning with smiles all around. I had a new skier show up from down the valley who hasn’t skied with us before and Rupert had a brilliant time complete with a bouquetin show to finish. There was absolutely no one around except for Chris, TJ and Henry and we all felt pretty good about our morning’s work!

Thomas and Jerome are skiing with the Wendell’s Canadian team, Yohann is also skiing with us and Andreas had the day off to take care of paperwork, but is back in action tomorrow.

I’m managing to get to the gym again as the girls aren’t here for the moment, the afternoons have calmed down, I’ve recovered from whatever was trying to get into my system, and not having any photos to deal with has all added up to more time in the afternoons. Chris is hoping to join me soon so I’m looking forward to that.

No snow is forecast although we did have some miraculously appear during the night and Millie tells me we have snow on the way according to her i-phone from the UK. Fingers crossed that Millie is right! Stay tuned and the last few days photos will appear on the Valdinet site on Friday.

PS Well done to Andreas and TJ who have both gone up the mountain for the annual torchlight descent memorial for ‘Friends Lost in the Mountains’.

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