Blowing a hoolie near the border!!!

26 January 2017

I thought I’d do the update while waiting to meet TJ for a drink. It was a totally different day today as the wind was howling and the sky was grey, meaning flat-light for parts of the morning. Chris and I headed into the teeth of the wind and had a great trip over the Col Pers and through the gorge. I had some new skiers and we thought ádventure’ would be a good theme for the morning. I had Neil, Robert, Andrew and David (6 week skier) and the boys did the business, as did Terry, Ian and the rest of Chris’ team!

Meanwhile Andreas braved the elements and headed for the Col des Fours, bravo Vikings!, while TJ headed towards shelter and better light in Tignes. Thomas and his pals were out there somewhere but I’m not too sure where they skied.

It looks as if we’re in for a stormy weekend but the good news is we should start to see some snow and February is usually a great month for snow. Fingers crossed on that one!

Some photos of the past few days are up on the Valdinet site, but I can only post between ten and twelve, which is about the amount I normally post on a daily basis so don’t expect a starring role!

Come on Roger!!!!!!!! and stay tuned!

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