What a cracking good ski!!!!

27 January 2017

Chris and I headed into the wind and the weather for the third day in a row and once again we were rewarded with a fantastic morning with ten to 15cm’s of fresh snow in places, some creamy snow in others and strips of souffle that always work as a last resort. The ambience was impressive and everyone had a brilliant time topped off with a bouquetin sighting!. I’m still in code-mode as times are tough but things are improving although we’ve managed some pretty good skiing through this tough patch.

Andreas had a great day in Tignes with his Vikings while TJ, Jerome and Yohann were all in action today. We all benefited from the light being better than forecast and hopefully we’ll see a little more snow tonight (little meaning not much) but it is blowing snow in and I’m counting on another excellent day tomorrow. All we’ll need is a little light to show us the way!

Sports Report: Wow Roger and Rafa! Who would have expected those two guys to play such stunning tennis, Roger at 35-years-of-age and after being out for six months through injury, and Rafa who has endured years of physical problems. Both men will be looking to crown their glorious careers in the most glorious of fashions and this will be the toughest loss that one of them will have ever suffered. Sport just doesn’t get any classier than a contest like this between the two best players to have ever graced a tennis court! Come on Roger!

Stay tuned!

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