Adventure in the gorge!!!!!

28 January 2017

The entire team skied in the same sector today and the east wind did its job again last night laying down another lovely cushion of fresh snow. There was 10 to 15 in places, 20cm’s in others, some nice creamy strips on a smooth base, and places where we just had to use the souffle as a last resort. We had chamois and bouquetin above and Chris had two Canadians from Vancouver, Mike and Bruce, who thoroughly enjoyed their morning. (We have had about twenty Canadians this week as Thomas, Jerome, and Yohann were all skiing with Canadian groups. Oh Canada!)

We had much more fun than usual in the gorge this morning as one of Chris’ clients came pretty close to going into the drink. Chris pulled from above while I pushed from below and all was well in the end. Fortunately it wasn’t in a bad place and the worst that could have happened would have been wet, freezing cold feet, which would have been a morning-wrecker instead of a life-wrecker! Hugh took some great photos so hopefully we’ll get them up sometime soon.

TJ’s youngest boys Rollie and Oscar arrive tonight and will be skiing with their Dad tomorrow with Sandy’s team. TJ is pretty excited about their arrival while my girls arrive two-weeks tomorrow so I’m starting to count down the days. Millie is bringing a school friend so that should be fun and add a different dynamic to the week.

I made it to the gym today for the fifth-day-in-a-row, which is my best so far this season. I’m starting to feel strong again and should be in good shape for next golf season! Chris is threatening to join me but hasn’t yet taken the plunge and hopefully he and Suzanne will start coming tomorrow.

I thought it was another excellent day on the mountain and tomorrow is shaping up to be pretty good as well. Stay tuned!

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