Today will take some beating!!!!

29 January 2017

What an extraordinary day that was! First up was a stunning ski to celebrate Chris’ birthday and we ‘skinned’ to some fantastic snow without a track on the mountain. It was excellent top-to-bottom and then we were treated to another wildlife show. We found another chamois that may have died in avalanche earlier in the winter and was dug up last night, or the two chamois we’ve seen the past few days may have been killed by wolves drifting over the border from Italy. They’re big animals to be hunted down and killed by a fox and there have been some sightings of wolves near Courcheval.

Then I found out the Roger and Rafa were deadlocked at 3-3 in the five set while coming home on the bus. At this stage I didn’t know the Roger was losing the fifth set 3-1 and was seriously on the ropes against his nemesis Nadal. I sat at home not looking for fear of jinxing him when Andreas phoned to give me the fantastic news that Roger had won. Andreas was a bit teary himself as he watch the match and the speeches and Roger’s victory made a wonderful day even better. What an achievement for both men and after winning his 18 Grand Slam at 35 years-old, after being out for six months because of injury, and after a five-year drought since his last slam, Roger will be able to retire in peace although he’ll now be thinking about winning Wimbledon again! Just when Andy and Novak thought they had it all to themselves up pop Roger and Rafa to make it all more interesting again!

The next thing that happened was when I was parking my car at Chris and Suzanne’s to do my photos for the Valdinet site (up tomorrow). This parapenter was coming in low right at me, and I thought ‘ this is going to be close’! At the last second he needed to lift his legs to clear the chimney on the chalet in front of me before he crashed into a light-post that was just outside my side-window! Blimey, I couldn’t believe it! He was so lucky to not have seriously injured himself and his pal who had already landed safely and was watching him come in thought it was hilarious. It’s still only 5:45 so who knows what else may occur today?

And Chris shares a birthday with the girls Grandpa Fred, and the girls are there now celebrating with him. Happy Birthday Fred and have a fantastic time in India!

Stay tuned for more fun tomorrow! (Although today will be tough to beat!)

PS TJ’s boys Rollie and Oscar arrived safely last night and are ready to go. Have a great time boys!

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